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Understandably some people would like to get waxed in private and not with loads of people knowing. We know this so call …. to get waxing services delivered to your door. People that have not had a wax before and are still not too sure, or would like more information on waxing and hair removal then carry on reading a looking around the site as after reading and viewing you will be in no doubt of what all waxing services are about.

The waxing services that we supply straight to your door include body waxing, bikini waxing, men’s waxing and every waxing service you may want. Our wax technicians are trained in all different types of hair removal such as electrolysis so no matter which area you are from, our technicians will have dealt with it before so you will be able to receive the best possible treatment in the least painful way. Here is a list of the waxing services we provide:

waxing services

Body Waxing

We don’t just do the bikini line, we wax the whole body. Some of these particular treatments, some ladies may find it a bit depressing asking for a chin wax or a forehead wax but they are very sort after waxing services. Leg waxing and chest waxing are next on the list with arm waxing and waxing of the fingers and toes being last on the agenda. Our mobile waxing service provides a more discreet approach to getting waxed as some people that are a bit shy, would like their lives to be a bit more private than other people. Learn what parts of the body can be waxed by reading through the website as we give information on every aspect of waxing.

Bikini Waxing

Bikini waxing is waxing of the area around the pubic region taking off as much hair as the client feels comfortable with and makes everything a little bit neater all round. The most famous bikini waxing treatment is the Brazilian wax which is nearly totally bald with a small strip of hair in the middle. This the most common form of waxing available. Getting a bikini wax is one of the most used female waxing services. The Hollywood wax is another form of bikini wax virtually the same as the Brazilian but checks out the information on the Hollywood wax service we provide.

Male Waxing

You wouldn’t have thought it but last year there were more men newly acquainted with a wax therapist than did females with more and more men needing a waxing treatment. Male waxing is used by men all over the country to make their bodies more soft and smooth with the chest wax and the back sack and crack wax is the favorite for men as it deals with all their problems spots. Men that love getting waxed! Men that get waxed seem to require a lot more appointments than our female customers. I think its best because men are naturally hairy so a man finds waxing appropriate will need to come back more often because men’s hair grows quicker and thicker than women.

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